Tuesday, December 20, 2011

More December Events!

We went to Epcot for our annual Holidays Around the World. We made a lot of stops at the various countries, but didn't get to visit nearly as many as we wanted! We had to get in position to see NPH (Neil Patrick Harris) narrate the Candlelight Processional. He was AMAZING! I love him! He is one of the best narrators, which meant the park was insanely crowded. We had a great time anyways, and even headed over to Hollywood Studios afterwards to see the Osbourne Lights and the snow.

Mady's Winter Party at school was last week and I took the afternoon to help. The children played holiday bingo, dreidel, made reindeer food, sang a song, and played holiday bowling. They then showed us all the crafts they made during their studies of Holidays Around the World. It was a cute party and they enjoyed my reindeer cookies!

Mady was also in the Christmas play at church. She played an angel in the heavenly choir. She was in the back most of the time, but I did get some pictures of her. The play was painfully cute. That's the nice way of putting it!

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